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Shortly after taking power inthe Nazis began a program to build and modernize military posts all over Germany. Some older Kaserne were remodeled as part of this program, but most posts were new construction. Several different architectural styles were used, as the Third Reich architects wished to blend their military posts into the style of the local area, but all Kaserne shared a basic look.

Part 1 features posts in the following Bavarian locations: Part 2 features posts in the following locations: This page shows only a few such sites I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to share similar then-and-now photos from other Wehrmacht posts in Germany. This post is used today by the U. Army as Barton Barracks. For further info, see the U. Army casino kantine dresden Germany page.

Bleidorn Kaserne in Ansbach was built in for Reconnaissance Battalion This view is almost identical today, minus the gateposts and flag, and also minus the Casino kantine dresden stone eagle that can be seen in profile on the wall to the right - this eagle minus its head and swastika was still there when the U. Army was in casino kantine dresden Kaserne in the s, but was removed at some point since.

This post is now used by the German Polizei. The buildings retain military sculpture above the doorways - left-right, below - cavalry, pasta per pizza fatta in casa, a soldier says farewell to the home folks, banner bearers.

This post was used by the U. Army as Ledward Barracks until it closed in September This postcard view shows the Panzerkaserne in Click here to see many more photos of the Panzer Kaserne in Schweinfurt. Only three buildings of the Panzerabwehrkaserne still exist, behind the park where this monument is located this park, the adjacent Youth Http://atsmedical.info/grote-serie-roulette.php, the Schweinfurt Stadtwerke city services complex, and the Mercedes-Benz complex now occupy the area of the former Panzerabwehrkaserne.

Click here to see a monument to Panzerregiment 4 in Schweinfurt. A Flugplatz or Fliegerhorst airfield was built on the western outskirts of Schweinfurt in Training for Stuka dive-bomber pilots was conducted here. This Luftwaffe eagle appears on the gate building casino kantine dresden the main entrance.

The post was used by the U. Army as Conn Barracks until it was closed in September The Schweinfurt Flugplatz during the bombing attack of 14 October the attack was aimed at the Schweinfurt ball bearing factories, not the military installations. Close observation reveals 7 or 8 tiny aircraft type unknown parked on the airfield. For orientation, north is to the upper left.

Click here to see more photos of the Schweinfurt Flugplatz. The trainee Ju Stuka pilots flew from the Schweinfurt Flugplatz to a small bombing range near Sulzheim, southeast of Schweinfurt. Here they practiced their dive-bombing techniques with both live explosive bombs and concrete practice bombs. The remains of many of these concrete bombs can still be seen at the site today. The spa town of Bad Kissingen in http://atsmedical.info/casino-online-play-6lx8-com-sbobet-ibet888-188bet.php Bavaria was garrisoned by Wehrmacht motorcycle troops in the late s.

In Manteuffel Kaserne, named in honor of Freiherr von Manteuffel of old dragoons more info, was click here to house these troops.

Later, units of the 2nd Panzer Division occupied the barracks. In the early s the post was occupied by U. Army border guard troops and renamed Daley Barracks. The major tenant unit during most of the Cold War was the 2nd Squadron, 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment from until it was reflagged as the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Daley Barracks was closed following the reunification of Germany and returned to the German government ca.

Casino kantine dresden of the old military buildings were torn down inbut a few remain. The former headquarters building now houses several businesses, and additional business buildings casino kantine dresden being built on the site.

Some period views and historical information in this section from the Border Trooper page, http: For more info, visit the Daley Barracks webpage casino kantine dresden, http: The front gate was guarded by a stone pillar with the national insignia on top. The building at the left of the photo is the former headquarters building. The barracks building on the right has been torn down.

The building in the casino kantine dresden of the modern photo is one of the new business buildings built ca. Soldiers marching through the front gate. This photo and the next two period photos are from the service album casino kantine dresden a casino kantine dresden who was stationed at Manteuffel Casino kantine dresden private collection. An exact corresponding view today is blocked by the post-war building at the left of the modern view.

Above - A sentry stands guard at the main gate, with the headquarters building behind. Below - A close-up of the eagle and swastika on the gate pylon. Guard mount near the main gate private collection. Motorcycle troops in front of their motor pool maintenance shops. Some of the former motor pool buildings are still standing.

Military review on the parade ground of Manteuffel Kaserne, ca. The Arcade is seen above in a view from a soldier's photo album - just click for source the swastika hanging casino kantine dresden the center of the upper story.

Below, tanks with mounted infantry from the U. Army photo The quaint Marktplatz downtown was also popular for soldier click. In the photo Guderian casino kantine dresden seen with the Kaserne Kommandant, just in front of the main gate guardhouse seen on the other side of the gate in the photo below. MapQuest Map Link U. Army Emery Barracks in the s, when the eagle and knight were painted.

This post no longer exists, but the photo on the right from ca. Army hospital until it was returned to the German government in The historic hospital building was casino kantine dresden remodeled into an apartment building in Casino kantine dresden from the hospital entrance, past the gates, to the Main River valley and the vineyards on the hills beyond.

In this photo, soldiers stand in formation inside the front gate of the Kitzingen Flugplatz or Fliegerhorstbuilt in Army in see here.

Army as Harvey Barracks until it was closed in late ; it is now used by a private corporation. Click here to see a nearby munitions factory bunker storage area at Oberwildflecken. The photos above show the front gate. Army as Montieth Barracks from It is now partly in use by small businesses.

On the casino kantine dresden is a view ca. This post was built casino kantine dresden for Signals Battalion After the war it was used by the U. Army as O'Brien Barracks, but was returned to German control in the early s. Many of the buildings have since been torn down, but some remain - the gate building on the left is now the city museum. The post was casino kantine dresden after the war by the U. Army as Reese Barracks, but since the Army's departure in some buildings were demolished and most of the remainder are unused.

The building above still shows period artillery artwork, and is used today as the "Kantine" club. Back to the Third Reich in Ruins homepage. Third Casino kantine dresden in Ruins, http: Walden; all rights casino kantine dresden. Walden, except where specifically noted. Please respect my property rights, and the rights of others who have graciously allowed me to use roulette berlin spielen photos on this page, and do not copy these photos or reproduce them in any other way.

This page is intended for historical research only, and no political or philosophical aims should be assumed. Nothing on this page should be construed as advice or directions to trespass on private or posted property. The eagle casino kantine dresden swastika Hoheitszeichen are long gone, but the gate pillar still proclaims the site as Manteuffel Kaserne. The spa facilities in the town of Bad Kissingen were popular with the garrison troops. The quaint Marktplatz casino kantine dresden was also popular for soldier visits.

On 20 April the buildings on the Marktplatz were decorated in commemoration of Adolf Hitler's 50th birthday. These sculptures depict wounded servicemen from various services, some being assisted by nurses and some by their fellow servicemen, along with soldiers on service on the right above, and infantryman and panzer crewman in panzer wraparound tunic and soft "helmet" beret consult roulette bet map; on the left below, two artillerymen work on a large projectile.

A quarters area for officers, including a Casino Officers Club was across the road from the Kaserne. Stylized wings representing the Luftwaffe can still be seen in the iron window grillwork of a stone outbuilding.

All the buildings shown in the Kitzingen section are now closed, and these posts have been returned to the German government. Army as Larson Barracks until it was closed in ; today it is a public business park.

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