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Alternatively visit this group. A view from South Africa Read more. Communist Cadres to the Front: It is no secret that we are confronting a very challenging period in our national democratic revolution betfair casino self exclude risks, threats and but also important opportunities and responsibilities. It is also no secret that across our ANC-led Alliance more and more comrades are turning to the SACP to engage with our collective analysis of the betfair casino self exclude, regional and national conjuncture and to point to a programmatic line of action.

It is no please click for source that of the different components that constitute our ANC-led alliance, the SACP is the most stable and relatively the most ideologically coherent.

The rapid and historically unprecedented growth of our membership - now standing at somemembers attests to this. It is no accident source there are increasing complaints in the right-wing media about the growing influence of the SACP within government and within our Alliance.

But this is not blackjack deck single vegas in cause for arrogance or complacency on our part - on the contrary, betfair casino self exclude places upon us, collectively, and not least upon this Special National Congress, an important challenge.

Working closely and in a non-sectarian way, can we rise to the challenge? Part of the reason for the growth in Party membership is related to the current global realities. The Betfair casino self exclude experience had collapsed, social redistributive advances in much of the developed capitalist world had been rolled back by a decade-and-a-half of Thatcherite and Reagonomic austerity programmes.

Early important post-independence advances in much http://atsmedical.info/casino-willkommensbonus-ohne-einzahlung-wettanbieter.php Africa, including in our region, had been driven back by punitive structural adjustment programmes. On the politico-strategic and military front, unconstrained by an alternative global see more, imperialism under the dominance of the US felt it had the green light to assert http://atsmedical.info/online-casino-usa-no-deposit.php strategic agenda not just through economic and ideological power, but also the projection of aggressive military power.

When, as South Africans, we finally achieved a non-racial, majority rule, democratic dispensation, there was a crushing neo-liberal global chorus trumpeting a single message - TINA - There is No Alternative!

Betfair casino self exclude, politics would be a technocratic task of management applying the rules of the game as prescribed and refereed by the IMF case all asta roma World Bank, with the ratings agencies acting as the lines-men, and the corporate controlled commercial media acting as the TV-referral mechanism. We are now immersed in a somewhat different global conjuncture. The persisting crises into which capitalism has plunged betfair casino self exclude planet, and the inability of the leading centres of capitalism to offer resolutions is more and more apparent.

The betfair casino self exclude of a free-run in terms of military deployment has been actively challenged, not just by irregular forces, and not just by middle-ranking states like Iran and Syria, but also increasingly in various critical regional spheres as in Ukraine and Eastern and Central Asia, by the counter-vailing defensive casino vietnam online of Russia and China.

Generalised monopoly capitalism, the current phase of imperialism, remains extremely powerful - but everywhere the peoples of the world are saying: There has to be an alternative to a system in which unsustainable inequality is growing by leaps and bounds. There has to be an alternative to the continued extraction of massive surplus imperialist rent out of the global Betfair casino self exclude to the 0,1 percenters and their supporting chorus in the global North and their local willing agents.

There has to be an alternative to the imperialist military destabilization of large swathes of the Middle East, and other regions including North and North East Africa. Betfair casino self exclude are global challenges that are also regional and national challenges of our own revolution.

As an SACP we are no longer relatively alone within our own country in advancing these general perspectives. These are the marginalized settlements, the still largely unchanged realities inherited from decades of apartheid and internal colonialism. These are the localities in which proletarianised households and communities somehow manage to sustain a degree of cohesion in the face of poverty, rampant read article and many social challenges including crime, violence and drug and alcohol abuse.

We are calling for the unity of our ANC-led alliance and broader progressive movement - as a key contribution to building the unity of the working class, and the betfair casino self exclude of our communities. These tasks are all inter-related. But what is the content of such a radical motels near crown casino CST had a double reality:.

While white minority rule has been abolished, many of the structural underpinnings of this system remain in place and, in some respects, they have been aggravated.

For all of these reasons, at the most general level, the SACP has argued that our National Democratic Revolution - and especially, a second radical phase of this revolution - has to be:.

It is the task of this Special National Congress to help sharpen this general strategic analysis of our betfair casino self exclude. Even more importantly, it is the task of this Congress to help provide a more detailed programme of action that reinforces this strategic perspective. What specific campaigns should unite us? What specific issues provide concrete inroads into radically transforming the systemic challenges we confront?

What are the organizational tasks and priorities that will enable the SACP and the source movement to address the strategic challenges?

What are the internal dangers across our movement that weaken our capacity? What are the implications for electoral positioning, and for state transformation, of an anti-imperialist, betfair casino self exclude capital, national democratic struggle? In what follows in this Political Report, we will seek to take forward, in some detail, both our conjunctural analysis as well as programmatic tasks for unity in action.

The current global capitalist conjuncture: Generalised Monopoly Capital in crisis. In the first place, it is important to understand the global and regional factors that are impacting upon our domestic challenges. These are rarely acknowledged by opposition forces or by the political commentariat in much of our local media.

However, unless betfair casino self exclude locate our own struggles http://atsmedical.info/party-roulette-trinkspiel-regeln.php a global, continental and regional context, any local efforts will inevitably fail.

The ongoing global structural capitalist crisis has deepened the reproduction of inequality on a world-scale. Debt enslavement has extended even to the immediate doorstep of the betfair casino self exclude capitalist economies - as with the current show-down between the people of Greece and German bankers, between democracy and the popular will and the betfair casino self exclude elite of the EU.

The expansion of the capitalist agrarian revolution into Africa, led by imperialist land grabs, is resulting in massive dispossession of peasant communities. This, in turn, is producing rapid urbanisation without employment, and sprawling slums across our continent.

Rural dispossession coupled with ecological crises and civil wars typically instigated by imperialist interventionshas given rise to intra-national, and international migratory flows casino spielautomaten gratis a scale never before seen betfair casino self exclude human history.

Millions of these economic refugees, perhaps some 3 million from Zimbabwe alone, have poured into South Africa over the past decade. We are now in a very different global conjuncture. Over the past 30 years, the sway of globalised financial markets has increasingly displaced or sought to displace and erode sovereign national electoral mandates, even in the most developed capitalist societies. His response was revealing: The world is governed by market forces.

The continued post global capitalist crisis is now beginning to have a disruptive impact on this stale-mated party political reality. Across much of Europe, there has been the strong rise of anti-establishment right-wing neo-fascist, anti-immigrant movements, responding demagogically to the growing stress felt by working class, petty bourgeois and unemployed strata in Germany, France, Austria, Greece, etc.

There has also been an important rise of more radical left electoral formations as well - notably in the semi-periphery of developed capitalism, with the current hot-spot being the European South Greece, Spain. It is important to understand our own present South African conjuncture betfair casino self exclude this broader international context.

The South African landmark democratic breakthrough occurred, as we have noted, in the midst of the triumphal onward march of neo-liberal driven globalisation and financialisation.

This was what was fundamentally at stake in the lates battles over GEAR and the general liberalisation of the South African economy. We are now living through a somewhat different global conjuncture.

Globally, the triumphalist hey-day of neo-liberalism is over. Generalised monopoly capital at a global scale remains, of course, dominant - but its ideological and political triumph is less secure than it has ever been in the past 25 years.

This is intimately related to the post persisting crisis and the obvious inability of the leading circles of corporate capital to advance any meaningful responses to the growing ecological crisis, as well as deepening global inequality, economic stagnation, and high levels of unemployment even in relatively wealthy capitalist countries Spain. There has also been the continued use of aggressive imperialist military intervention led by the US working with its adjunct NATO.

Since our 13th Congress we have seen imperialist aggression in Libya and imperialist supported armed rebellion in Syria. These and other military interventions have not given rise betfair casino self exclude democratic regimes as was projected, or even to an increased strategic capacity of imperialism.

Instead, since the NATO attack on Libya and the sponsorship of check this out against the Syrian government, instability and violence have deepened. The imperialist military interventions link given birth to one of the most backward and reactionary forces in the form of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS.

The Brazilian sociologist and political activist, Emir Sader, argues that today in the world the main axes of power can be located within three inter-related monopolies:. The first reflects the militarization of conflicts, an area in which the United States believes it exercises unquestionable superiority.

The second relates to neo-liberal policy, the commercialization of read more social relations and natural resources, which seeks to create betfair casino self exclude world in which everything has its price, everything can be bought and sold, and whose utopia is the shopping mall. Despite its persistence, however, neo-liberalism is facing increasing crises and challenges.

Part of the deepening ideological and political crisis of neo-liberalism is the growing number of voices coming from heterodox, often non-socialist and non-Marxist sources, documenting deepening global inequality.

This deepening inequality is no longer just between North and South, it has become a feature of even the most advanced capitalist countries. Diverse, non-socialist sources are now taking up this theme - among them Nobel prize-winners like Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz, as well as Thomas Piketty, and Oxfam.

The global inequality crisis has become more main-streamed. In talking about the Oxfam poverty index, for instance, The Guardian newspaper summarises it as follows: Oxfam research has also further found that since the financial crisis the number of billionaires has doubled.

The number of billionaires by US dollar worldwide has increased from in March to 1 by March This snapshot graphically captures the reality of our betfair casino self exclude global reality. Increasingly capitalist surplus is circulating within a global speculative casino, to the detriment of productive betfair casino self exclude. Their wealth is largely untaxed and it is based in свиньями casino in atlantic city лишь financial instruments, nominally betfair casino self exclude in tax havens, rather than locked into realizing medium- to long-term returns on productive investment in a mine, or factory.

They exert their sway on national governments no longer just by investing or not investing in the national economy, but increasingly by financing governments themselves and their SOEs through bond-issues and indebtedness. We find a local echo of this in the current crisis around the so-called Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project with its deeply unpopular e-tolling betfair casino self exclude. Which is another way of saying that the design betfair casino self exclude the system was deliberately to exclude the most populous townships in Gauteng betfair casino self exclude reliant on public transport, while at the same time guaranteeing the private operators a daily ridership on the system.

Gautrain betfair casino self exclude failing to meet this ill-advised contractual commitment - probably betfair casino self exclude getting around half of the anticipated passengers. The massive expatriation of surplus through e-tolls and ridership guarantees illustrates why we cannot simply allow ourselves to be dragged betfair casino self exclude a middle-class anti-e-toll, anti-government posture, while failing to expose the complicity of both state functionaries, local compradors, and monopoly often foreign monopoly capital in the strategic choices that are made.

Whether excessive funding of freeways in Gauteng is recouped through e-tolling or a petrol levy is a secondary matter. We should never be making strategic transport and urban infrastructure choices that serve a minority in the first place.

The rise of social movements. An important part of the growing international resistance to neo-liberal globalisation has been the betfair casino self exclude of social movements, from the Occupy movement, to the Arab Spring. In Latin America, social movements have often played a notable role in mobilizing an array of social forces, including the urban and rural poor, middle strata, and the struggles of read article peoples.

The role of progressive social movements, and the NGOs that operate in around them, has been of great importance - in much of Latin America, for instance, as well as in the final decade of the anti-apartheid struggle. The relative neglect of contesting state power from within and from without the state, can also lead to defeat as has been the case of much social-movement inspired struggles in the course of the Betfair casino self exclude Spring. The strength of many of these movements is their amorphous character, which is also, simultaneously, their weakness.

They are given to spurts of activism and subsequent demoralisation or dispersal - as illustrated with the important but brief Occupy Movement.

Betfair casino self exclude

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